TSSD – Scholarship

Congratulations to each of the nine students who took a moment to apply for the direct scholarships offered by Jackson Tougaloo Alumni Chapter during our recent Thelma Sanders Scholarship Dance.  The top winners will receive $300 each and all other applicants will receive a monetary award, as well.  

Each student shared a brief video giving us an idea of how they would use their Tougaloo experience to impact the world.  For an opportunity to meet each of the candidates, click on the EVENTS page and watch the 1st video.

                                                     Our top three winners are as follows:

                                               J. Bozeman – Junior, Biology Major 

                                             B. Duffas – Senior, Biology Major

                                             K. Smith – Senior, Biology Major

Be on the lookout TSSD Scholarship 2021.  Applications open November 1st.